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The restaurant is now closed until the end of August. 


Our lovely neighbours at The Union Club have offered to open their doors to Andrew Edmunds customers until 23rd August.


If you would like to go there for Lunch or Dinner please email them to make a reservation, mentioning you are from Andrew Edmunds

Lunch - Monday to Friday

Dinner - Tuesday to Friday


We also have our Pink Wines wine tasting coming up on

Friday 26th July in our private room.

Established in 1985, Andrew Edmunds is considered one of the last bastions of 'old Soho'. This 18th century town house has, for more than thirty years, attracted many loyal customers. A relaxed atmosphere, seasonal menu and famous but reasonably priced wine list have ensured our enduring popularity.

"..tops many an informal poll, thanks to the supporting role it has played in so many London love affairs... The atmosphere has never failed us yet."
Harper's Bazaar

"..exceptional bottles at prices that seem scarcely marked up from auction, let
alone retail, including many older vintages...
Astonishingly varied and appealing..... bliss here really."
Evening Standard

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